As I sat here and listened with my ears to the very words our 45th sworn-in President Donald J. Trump, just uttered from his mouth, I couldn’t help wonder if my heart was going to skip a beat and stop, while he delivered his inaugural speech.  All throughout his campaign, he fought with prejudice, racism, hatred ill-feelings toward various minority groups, misogyny and used an authoritative and narcissistic agenda to bully others into bowing his way.  He refused to address the often violent, hatred and racist comments, his supporters spewed from their mouths, just because they felt they had the right to do so.  Yet, today we witnessed him saying, he would defend the constitution and find a way to unite this country and “Make America Great Again.”

His supporters believed this country was so messed up and often suggested taking us back 60 years, were blacks were disenfranchised and subjected to endure the ramifications of Jim Crow laws and mistreatment; where it was believed women belonged in the house, with no voice and forced to endure that only men could be breadwinners for their families.  Where foreigners and immigrants had no right and no business crossing the borders to enter America.  Yet, just these groups alone, have helped make America, the greatest and most powerful influential country in the world.  How can it be allowed to let someone who for 18 months, and probably over 60 years of his life, think that America only belongs to the “white” men and women and no one else.

Let’s not forget what our history has shown us.  For one, blacks entered this country via ships and were sold into labor, yet built this country.  That Native Americans, who were here well before Christopher Columbus, were pushed aside and almost stripped of their whole identity.  That immigrants from all over Europe and Asia, migrated to this country with the promise of a better life, for them and their families alike, yet are threatened daily because they aren’t natural-born Americans.  We ALL belong here and are needed to help continue to make America great.

One person can’t just go on a genocidal rampage and try to eradicate immigrants who were born in this country and continue to silence and demoralize women and minority groups alike, just because it’s what they think will make America great again.  Presidents on both sides, over the years, have had a change of heart after looking at the bigger picture.  The political infrastructure in this country is upside down and needs to be redesigned and built on better morals.  I hope he sees this too, because let’s be honest, he sure didn’t campaign in the same manner and spirit that he attempted to speak from today.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the voice of God himself was going to interrupt the inauguration to inform the world how displeased he was that we continue to parade and mistreat one another, yet say we love and serve him.  How can you have a love for someone or something that you have never seen, but have hatred in your heart, for your brother, whom you see everyday?  When the rain began to fall, I couldn’t help but think, God had to be crying over this great country.  For me, this is the 4th President that I have bear-wtinessed, who alluded a change was going to come, yet in my view these last 25 years have shown me, we are more divided than what my grandmother used to tell me about during her days and the days of my mom (40s-70s).

What this presidential campaign and inauguration exposed was that a dictator has the opportunity to hold the most highly regarded and respectable office, even though he has demonstrated his ability to be classified as illegitimate and “unfit.”  That you can be of pure evil and still be elected.  That unless you are in the majority, you don’t matter and what’s worse, his radical message, although heartfelt and much-needed, and even sounded peaceful and assuring, now has opened Pandora’s box of uncertainty around the world.