America! America! God shed its grace on thee…….Yet, everyday it makes me wonder why the back and forth of tittering with infringing and demoralizing her character at the expense of peasants who honestly, make you think, shouldn’t even be allowed to breathe a word of discontent, continues to alter the views of society.  I am outraged because honestly I feel like a lot of Americans in this country.  The concerns of the underprivileged continue to get overlooked, overshadowed, and considered to be of no merit simply because of those who don’t feel it’s a concern, pay no attention to it.  Sounds like a bullet of destruction just waiting to penetrate the infrastructure of society that continues to hold us back from true equality.  I saw a picture of a guy holding a sign that said:

“Privilege is when YOU think something is not a PROBLEM because it’s not a problem to you PERSONALLY #resist”

I find this to be a very ironic statement for the state of America at this moment as she heads down the mountain to devastation and destruction.  Many people in this country can’t see beyond their own prejudice biases and beliefs to even see the other side of the coin for people who are not in the same situation as them.  They would rather spread some neosporin on the wound as an invisible bandage hoping the problem would heal or fix itself, when in all actuality, some wounds are too deep and require antiseptics or something stronger instead.  The bigotry, hypocrisy, idiocracy, intolerant, racist, sexist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and unacceptable behaviors that continue to metastasize and infect the nucleus of our country can no longer go unchecked.

Devastation is inevitable and if puppets in office both at the top, all the way down to the local officials, remain able to infect our world, it will come that much sooner.  Food for thought.  America has always been ruled by the privileged.  Yet it’s the actions of the underprivileged that continue to save us from true devastation.  The ramifications of war and injustice have always been pushed forward at the hands of the priviledged.  Yet it’s the bravery and sacrifices of the underpriviledged that give their lives and die for the cause, so that the priviledged can remain afloat.  If this doesn’t change your perspective on what’s at stake, then we are bound to witness the days when hollywood box films depicting the end-times actually become a reality for America.